Reputation Scouting

Reputation Scouting

The worst problems are the ones you don’t even know exist. Since the dawn of the internet age people have been plagued by countless pictures, blog posts and personal attacks that may encroach on your right to privacy or impair your reputation.

Reputation Scouting is a service that starts with our team searching public databases, the internet, social networks, legal adjudications and media outlets for information about you that may be negative or damaging to your reputation.

Ever wonder what other people have been saying about you online? Curious what a potential employer might see during a preliminary background check that could hinder your application for employment? Scouting yourself in advance of any important meeting or new association is a valuable way to shape your own persona pristine in the minds of people who have not yet had the opportunity to get to know you more thoroughly.

In an era where just about everyone is being vetted by employers, potential dates, classmates, coworkers, adversaries and new contacts – knowing what others will find out about you is an essential step toward taking control of your own reputation. Reputation Curator uses a variety of public tools that include search engines, social networks, legal adjudication databases, news outlets and more to compile as comprehensive a profile of your ‘digital fingerprint’ as possible. In some instances, all you will gain is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your public record is clean. In other instances, you may discover erroneous news that can be corrected, actionable examples of defamation or awkward items of information that can be suppressed.

The old adage that “ignorance is bliss” really only rang true when people remained ignorant forever. In the modern digital age, that simply isn’t a realistic possibility anymore.