Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property benefits from many forms of legal protection. Simple copyright, registered trademarks, patents, DMCA notices and other instruments can be used to prevent people from exploiting your ideas.

Enforcing your rights on a global scale is often the main hurdle to protecting your intellectual property. Reputation Curator works with some of the most successful I.P. attorneys to safeguard your innovations by vigorously pursuing any entity that infringes upon your content rights.

Intellectual Property: New Original Ideas Are Always Worth Protecting

As the pace of evolving technology accelerates rapidly, the gold rush by patent trolls and other businesses’ interests to lock down ownership rights on every good idea continues. Staking your own claim to ideas and innovations that are originally your own has now become increasingly important. Often the difference between winning or losing a claim is the date at which you initiated your legal action or first demonstrated ownership of an idea, so time is of the essence.

Attorneys are available to discuss the ideas you want protected, file the necessary paperwork to secure your rights and can sign confidentiality agreements with you in advance to provide complete peace of mind. Contact us if you would like assistance with securing your intellectual property initially, or to take action against anyone who has misused you intellectual property. Failure to diligently protect your legally enforceable claims can be grounds for losing copyright protection, so this is one area of the law where inaction can be particularly detrimental to your long-term financial growth and brand reputation.