Background Checks

Background Checks

Hiring prospective employees, choosing the right babysitter or confirming the information provided by someone you met through an online dating site used to be a difficult and time-consuming process.

Some clients with narrow needs seek a detailed prospectus of information about a specific incident or data point. Many companies and individuals prefer instead to use a more general scope to gain a broader understanding of the person or entity in question. Our staff pursues your goals competently and confidentially.

Background Checks: The More You Know, The Better Off You Will Be

How much do you really know about the people in your life? Sure, your oldest friends and family have earned years of credibility and respect from a long shared history with you, but what about the new babysitter, the teacher in your child’s school, the newest employee you recently hired? It takes much less time and effort to look a little deeper into the history of people you know with a Reputation Curator background check than it takes to rationalize not having bothered after any damage is already done.

Nonconsensual Background Checks

Utilizing legal methods of detecting items of importance from the public record regarding an individual or organization, our staff scours the internet, digs through social networks and searches other additional databases to uncover the information you want to know the most. All reporting is completely confidential and the person being checked does not need to know about our activities online.

There are many legal limitations to the use of information discovered by nonconsensual background checks. For example, this information may not be used by prospective employers and your usage must comply with our stated Terms of Service agreement. If you would like actionable information about any person or entity, we encourage you to choose a consensual background check instead.

Consensual Background Checks

After you, or the subject of your request, has submitted the required legal documentation, we are able to complete a much more detailed background check with valid consent. Checks of this sort go beyond public records and may include information from legal proceedings, social security number inquiries and other sensitive sources. This information may be used in a compliant manner for the purpose of hiring or other legally restricted data uses. For more information, or to acquire the necessary forms, please contact us at your earliest convenience.