Libel or Slander

Libel or Slander

Defamation lawsuits can be used to squelch offending statements by any other party if those statements are untrue. Litigation can be costly and slow, but in some instances it is also an essential component of the strategy to clear your name.

Libel is a legal claim for damages brought against someone who attempts to defame you via written or otherwise published words. Slander is a similar claim for statements made in a transitory form like verbal speech. A valid claim may result in appreciable monetary damages.

Libel Or Slander: Litigation Is A Powerful Tool

One of the common things we hear from new clients is “I can’t believe someone is trying to get away with this, and I want to sue them immediately!” While we completely understand the frustration and emotional intensity you may feel when someone desecrates your reputation, it is very important to take a logical approach. If the goal is to rapidly solve the situation, using all of the tools available, rather than just one, is the plan that makes the most sense.

Legal claims can be very time-consuming, expensive and slow to resolve. Even a successful lawsuit does not guarantee there will be someone culpable and capable of paying for the damage done. Perhaps more importantly, a judgment in your favor still won’t erase negative press or help you turn the page on the story publicly.

Our experienced team of publicity professionals, legal experts, search engine optimizers and social networking specialists take a comprehensive approach to reclaiming your reputation by setting things right as quickly as possible. In instances where a defamation lawsuit for libel or slander makes sense, attorneys are available to file your claim and seek full adjudication of the matter on your behalf. In most cases, there are faster and more efficient methods available to achieve the results you are seeking.