Cease And Desist Notices

Cease And Desist Notices

Cease And Desist notices are a precursor to further legal action and serve to put offending parties on notice that their actions are unacceptable.

Cease and Desist notices are legal documents issued by prominent attorneys working with you as part of the Reputation Curator effort to protect your interests. In some instances, they provide relief and make further legal action unnecessary in other circumstances, they are the first step toward a final adjudication in your favor.

Cease and Desist: Legal Notices Can Be A Fast And Effective Tool

Cease And Desist notices are an efficient way of providing website owners, hosting companies, private individuals or corporate entities with legal notice that they are violating your rights or causing you harm. In many instances, they are sufficient to motivate entities that have accidentally or erroneously harmed your reputation to take curative measures. In other instances, additional steps including litigation may become necessary to obtain a court order in your favor which requires offenders to alter their course of action and avoid future damages.

Legal claims can be very time-consuming, expensive and slow to resolve. Even a successful lawsuit does not guarantee there will be someone culpable and capable of paying for the damage done. Perhaps more importantly, a judgment in your favor still won’t erase negative press or help you turn the page on the story publicly.

Our experience has shown that many times negative items are published erroneously or recklessly, without malice, by parties who are apt to respond quickly to a simple Cease And Desist notice showing their misguided actions must be corrected. Some publishers do require additional attention from your legal team, but the success rate of simple correspondence is significant and avoiding costly litigation is always preferable, so starting with this first step gives your potential adversaries an opportunity to resolve the matter amicably from the start.