Publicity and Media

Publicity and Media

In decades gone by, companies or individuals would hire an advertising agency or public relations firm to manage difficult news stories and guide the media in a more desirable direction.

Reputation Curator connects with media outlets locally and internationally through direct contacts, news blasts, RSS dynamic content, social media channels and other avenues in a comprehensive way. This increases the popularity of sources that are desirable and works to squelch adversarial or untrue allegations.

Publicity and Media: Get Ahead Of The Story With Positive Press

Media outlets take a mercenary approach to news stories, seeking the maximum number of readers with a nearly complete disregard for the impact a story might have on your reputation.

Reputation Curator uses widely disseminated news bursts, media contacts and other publicity methods to get your version of a story published in as many reputable places as possible. Simultaneous efforts are also made to remove or extinguish embarrassing and erroneous stories about you. The overall result is often the dilution of any direct negative effect and the rise of countervailing publicity in its place.

On their own, well-written articles that are published via highly respected websites would rarely be enough to ‘move the needle’ to any significant degree, but coupled together with other parts of a multifaceted media plan, they can have a powerful ancillary impact on Search Engine Optimization efforts, Social Media campaigns and become part of a larger winning strategy that solves your current dilemma.